Hacking is life


Hi guys! Welcome to the site. I can hack you everything you want on yoville and thats a fact. I have not got yovilles permission to do this but they never said I couldn't. I can get you anything you want! All you have to do is e-mail me your password and e-mail! Also include if you use myspace or facebook! I promise I will not hack you and rob you! I just want to do this for new people or anybody that wants items and if poor. I will make a list of items I can hack you! NO fake accounts! I will not go on a fake account to get it V.I.P vest because I think that os a waste of time!


All types of hair (boys and girls! if you want boy hair and you are a girl i can do that too! Also any color you want)

V.I.P jackets and robe(all types!)

All collectibles

I can get you costumes (All but mafia man)

No eyes

No mouth

No eyebrows

No nose

Jelly face(moving chin! looks like you chewing gum)




I am no scammer! I do hack but not your accounts. I am very loyal and feel free to add me on hotmail! akash_jatt911@hotmail.com! Do not e-mail your password and stuff there!


akash2324@gmail.com is where you email your password and e-mail and whether you use facebook or myspace!

Thank you and hope you trust me!





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